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Space Opera

Space Opera is a sci-fi/fantasy game engine for building empowered community. Participants gather over several days to collectively tell the story of how the societies they create survive, navigate, and dream amongst the stars. It brings participants together with a team of game masters and performer/facilitators in a unique combination of gameplay and theatricality.


Lead Artist: Daniel Park

Direction: Cat Ramirez

Performance/Facilitation: Joseph Ahmed, Sulu LeoNimm, KC Legacion, Sam Rise

Game Design: Arianna Gass, Dain Saint, Daniel Park, John Bezark

Production Design: Harbour Edney, Evelyn Langley, Dain Saint

Circles Administrator (2022-3): Dominique Pearson 


Unlike a piece of theater that might undergo workshops or previews, Space Opera is an interactive game that requires frequent playtesting. Playtesters are a vital part of our process: playtesters get early access to our game and their feedback helps us create a better, more accessible game. 

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The William Penn Foundation provides lead support for this project. 



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