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Game the Gallery

Game the Gallery

A commission for Moore College of Art and Design, Obvious Agency ran several workshops with undergraduate students to help them “activate” the 2019 College Faculty Triennial integrating new media technologies and live performance. Guided by Obvious Agency and faculty, Moore students designed and executed an interactive paranormal gallery experience, which opened on March 7th, 2019.


Photography by Matt Kalasky


Working with Obvious Agency was like a session with the best Dungeon Master: a genuinely collaborative spirit energized by play and guided by a sense of purpose. A visit to an art gallery is often a solitary and passive activity – OA completely inverted that experience by giving our students and visitors the tools to investigate, disrupt, and embrace the art on display as both an individual and as a team. In my five years of working at Moore I never saw a group of students engage more eagerly and cooperatively with our space. The final product – a paranormal augmented reality art gallery escape room created by students – was easily one of the coolest transformations the space has ever seen. After working with OA I want all of my art gallery visits to include gameplay and interactive theatre.

Matt Kalasky, Education & Programs Manager
The Galleries at Moore College of Art & Design



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