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(About Each Other) Package

Care (About Each Other) Package is a CSA box filled with tiny, beautiful, interactive performances crafted with care by our favorite local artists.  A great gift for friends, family, partners, or yourself, this collection is made for you to play at your own pace in your own space. Each piece of art explores themes of reconnection across change, distance, and the unknowable.  Take a seat on your couch, open your Care Package and follow instructions that will transform your everyday space into 15 new and different experiences. 

How to Get Your Care Package

Thank you to everyone who purchased our first run of Care (About Each Other) Package in 2021. In-person sales are happening throughout 2022 at various art and craft markets in the Philadelphia region. Follow us at @obviousagencycoop to get hear about these!Digital Individual Shares can still be purchased through our website. 

Community Supported Art (CSA)

Care (About Each Other) Package is our version of a Community Supported Art (CSA) project. Just like a Community Supported Agriculture share, each purchase directly supports Philly’s cultural ecosystem.  Designed to look as beautiful as the experiences are meaningful, each full share of Care Package comes with a one-of-a-kind box, 15 interactive performance guides, and a few handcrafted goodies. 

Bring Yourself Into the Performance

Each performance, which may be a set of instructions, a QR code that leads to a digital experience, rules for a game (or anything the artist might add!) is printed on an illustrated card. When you pull a card out of the box, you and your loved ones become the directors, actors, and players.  


Feel the Philly love as you perform each piece! Care (About Each Other) Package was made by the following Philly favorites.